Polaris Electrical Connectors began manufacturing electrical connectors in 1985 with only ten employees. The name "Polaris" was adopted from the Polaris submarine, and is now well known among those in the electrical industry for its unique design and high quality. Since 1985, Polaris has grown from a small company servicing a few customers in and around Florida, to a leading manufacturer of insulated electrical connectors for the entire US market. This lead position has afforded Polaris the opportunity to develop new cutting edge technology in manufacturing insulated and uninsulated products. Our Goal is to provide quality products and services to every customer, on every order, every day.
Our capabilities include:

4 Complete Engineering and Design

4 Certified client test data facility to perform UL and CSA requirements, to ensure our connectors adhere to all standards.

4 Dip Tanks to insulate virtually any customer connector design.

Polaris is continually improving and developing new products to service our customer needs. Our standard product offering works well for most customer applications, but if your need requires a custom connector, we want to be the one you contact first.