Since 1985 Polaris Electrical Connectors has been manufacturing electrical connectors for the utility,OEM and contractor markets. We offer a variety of different designs for underground and overhead applications, and are constantly looking for new ways to service our customers through improved designs, quality, and service. If your application calls out for a custom design, we can help.

Where the product is used:

  • Street Lighting
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Utilities
  • Schools
  • Cable Troughs
  • Panel Boxes
  • Hospitals
  • Direct Burial/Submersible Applications
  • Motor Lead Terminations (Grey Series)

Split Bolts vs

Polaris Blocks

UL Listings:

  • Black Products – UL486A & UL486B (Not for use with Fine Stranded Wire)
  • Direct Burial/Submersible – UL486A, UL486B, UL486D
  • Grey, Fine Stranded Products – UL486A (Copper conductor Only)
  • Uninsulated Products – UL486A and UL486B


  • Pre-Insulated (No cover or Taping Required)
  • Abrasion and Chemical Resistant
  • UV Rated Insulation with high dielectric strength
  • UL Listed
  • Will not support Combustion
  • Dual Rated for use with Copper and Aluminum cables
  • Submersible/Direct Burial Applications
  • Grey Connectors UL Listed for fine stranded wire applications (Copper conductor Only)

Don’t Settle for Less... The original is still the best!!!

No one else even comes close.  We stock over 300 different sizes and types of connectors, so we have the right connector to do most jobs- right off the shelf.  However, if your power distribution application calls out for a custom solution, we can deliver that custom product in 3 days or less.

Our ten distinct product groups includes the only UL listed insulated connector with isolated mounting capability, which allows for direct mounting to the trough, panel, or wireway; and our Insul-Tap™ connector is rapidly replacing split bolts as the connector of choice in most applications.

Our new Polaris Molded Submersible insulated connectors are UL listed for direct burial/submersible connections and requires almost no field modifications.

Polaris connectors are pre-insulated with a specially formulated plastisol compound, which eliminates costly in-field taping and can save up to 60% on total installed cost.  The insulation is abrasion and chemical resistant and will not support combustion. All connectors are pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor for use with either copper or aluminum and are UL listed for use at 90 degrees C and 600 Volts.  They are also UV rated and Cold Temperature rated to –45degrees C. 

Due to the compact design and the consistent quality of a factory-applied finish, you get a safe professional job every time.  Polaris connectors are completely reusable and are especially ideal when space and time are limited.  These features, together with the wide conductor range, allow for tremendous flexibility in the field

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